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Mini Tummy Tuck Surgery

Get the toned tummy you've always wanted with mini tummy tuck surgery!

Get the toned tummy you’ve always wanted with mini tummy tuck surgery! This procedure is perfect for those who have excess skin and fat in their abdominal area but are not suitable candidates for a full tummy tuck surgery. With a short recovery period and small surgical scars, mini abdominoplasty is a popular choice. During the surgery, fat in the waist and abdominal area is removed, and excess skin under the umbilicus is successfully eliminated.

Mini tummy tuck surgery is especially ideal for women who have excess skin and fat after giving birth or those with a high belly button. Before the surgery, patients should avoid taking blood-thinners, aspirins, and smoking. They should also avoid certain foods and supplements to ensure a successful procedure.

During the surgery, liposuction is performed on the waist and abdomen areas, and a short incision is made in the lower abdomen. The abdominal muscles may also be stitched together to tighten the lower part of the abdominal walls. Excess skin is removed, and the belly button may be repositioned downwards.

After the surgery, patients wear an abdominal corset and can start consuming light foods after a few hours. They can take a shower 24 hours after the removal of the drains, and sutures are under the skin, so no dressing is necessary. Patients can resume their daily lives after three days and sports activities after about three weeks.

While smoking can increase the recovery period, mini tummy tuck surgery has almost no severe complications or side effects. Patients can consider this procedure with confidence, and a revision operation might be considered after one year, depending on body elasticity. Get ready to love your new, toned tummy with mini tummy tuck surgery!


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